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-Dale Turner-

Friday, November 30, 2007

yummy RAKs for {Create} Crop

To our friends who have signed up with us for Crop With {Create} on this Sunday,
these are some of the yummy RAKs we had for you to show our Appreciation for your support since we started - {Create} Make It Happen blog.

Everyone who had signed up for the crop will get something, so see you Girls on Sunday! can't wait to have a fun fun time

the picture above does not do justice to all these RAKs, these are mini kits RAKs with at least 5-6 pp & comes with either die-cut, stickers, stamps, flowers or rub-on etc.. :)

so see you this sunday, gals....


Stephanie Mah said...

Moi, yummy yummy RAK!!! im drooling.

Can i have some of it?:P

Jenn said...

*wink* you know the answer, steph....