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-Dale Turner-

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

dear friendz, there's a plea by Marieke for 6x6 layouts at scrapgal on behalf of her friend Julie for abused and at risk kids in Southern Cross Kids' Camps.

last year Julie managed to get people to donate supplies and they made scrapbook pages for all those kids at the camp. This year, as they are running 2 camps with 40 children each, to help make things easier on the time involved in making these scrapbooks pages, she is asking for scrappers to help and donate some pre-made simple 6x6 pages instead - all ready for a photo for these children. For some children, these pictures from the camp may be their only childhood pictures :(

So if you could, please do try to help, will be sending mine and Aida's off next Tuesday (so as to meet the deadline for the camp), so if you are interested to contribute to this charity act, you could either pass them to me by this weekend or you could post it to them directly and make these kids happy.. :)

layouts created by jess and myself for Southern Cross Kids' Camps..


Benga said...

hi jenn thanks for the info, take care!

iris said...

you are such a kind soul. I will try to do some too. I hope I can send it in time.

Jenn said...

thank you ladies... please do try to help... :)

Adoncia said...

hi dear, i would like to help. but, how to pass to you?