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-Dale Turner-

Friday, November 28, 2008

was shopping for some eco-friendly pressie for Christmas
and chance upon this site
check it out :)

Eco-friendly Gift Ideas
1) Supersoft Blanket & poncho handmade by Super Natural Baby
2) Classic Tree Blocks & hand cut branch blocks, made from trees that have fallen due to natural causes
3) Bird Trio mobile made from bamboo plywood coming from an earth-friendly renewable resource by Petit Collage
4) Uncle Goose alphabet blocks made from wood from industry owned land and non-toxic inks
5) Solar powered helicopter by Plastica
6) Cute Owl pouch from GidiGidi,it is individually handcrafted of pre-loved and recycled fabric
7) Gorgeous handmade soft dolls from Udder
8) Super nice organic onesie made of 100% organic cotton from KLT Works
9) Anamalz, award winning animal range made from organic maple wood and textile pdts
10) Lovely bonnet made from 100% organic cotton by Adrienne Kinsella
11) Gorgeous capelet made from 100% organic cotton by Periwinkle Bloom
12) Cashmere Chime Balls made from pure recylced 2-ply cashmere by Kistner Supply
13) Twig Crayons are handmade from discarded wooden twigs available at OurGreenHouse
14) Bunny Scooter from Roebuck Studio
15) Enchanted Forest Felt Bucket decorative fabric frm organic cotton and non-toxic inks
16) Maple lil Ellie roller toy handmade by Little Alouette
17) Cowboy vest and chap pants by WOvenplay
18) Kids in the kitchen utensil made from 100% organically grown bamboo
19) Beautiful organic deer floor pillow by Amenity
20) Fun Eco-Tee by Tiny Revolutionary
21) Indoor gardening, tea or play set by Green Toys
22) K Studio, hand embroidered people pillow by 2Modern
23) Backyard Buddy Blocks made of plantation grown, chemical free rubberwood
24) Little Twig bubble bath made from 100% natural ingredients
25) Giraffe backpack from Blabla each backpack is hand-knitted by Peruvian artists


Stephanie M said...

Jenn, how are you? long time no see.:p

I want gift No 5.LOL.......

i cant meet you on 4th Dec,as my in-law is coming.:( so sorry.

missyblooger said...

letting me see all these at this time will make me very very broke u know. lol..