Dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born.

-Dale Turner-

Friday, November 6, 2009

hi hi, we are back! we had a very wonderful time in Japan, Nat was the happiest I think, next is daddy, as he managed to locate some stuffs he was "hunting" for sometime.

we stayed at disney resort hotel for 4 days, spent 2 days each at both disneyland and disneysea, then off to Tokyo and spent another 4 days there, and afterwhich back to Singapore, didnt managed to go to Osaka due to the weather and schedule not permitted (as I need to be back in office), so we decided that we will visit Osaka in Feb? with PIL? after we visit Beijing? anyway, hubby will do the planning....lets see.. "p

managed to took abt 800++ pictures, and here are some just to share... :)

its cold in disney due to season and some rain...but overall, we LOVE it and managed to take almost all rides!! Monster Inn - Seek and Find, Pirates of the Caribbean ride, Snow White's Scary hse?... we were at disney in the morning and back to the hotel after it closed at 10pm ;)

Nat said : i "captured" the world (disneysea)

in minnie's house in disneyland

Nat managed to took pictures with all the princesses, I meant "ALL", snowwhite, beauty and the beast, sleeping beauty, etc etc.. think I could create a mini book - title: my day with the princesses at disney..

the famous micky bus... with micky seats, clock etc etc, the whole bus is full of micky! i'm overdosed with micky after 4 days in disney resort... "p

this is my fav, shop...

thats Nat's fav shop - the Pirates of the Caribbean shop

and here's some picture of the famous Tokyo Shine - Akasaka

will load more pictures when I could..
till then.. ciao..