Dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born.

-Dale Turner-

Sunday, November 2, 2008

finally, a good weather before we leave for germany..yippeee
managed to walk around haikko, porvoo
and to capture these beautiful pix
may i present you... HaikKo, porvoo - finland

these are the view from my hotel room...beautiful isnt it?

the manor (or hotel), where we stay
this is a 19th century building where its used to be owned by a couple,
the legend (unverified story) handed down was
the husband was beheaded and he loves to rom around the manor,
while his lady loves to be seen around the stairway to the room..

the reception of the manor...
thats the picture of the lady and thats the "famous" stairway
which led to the rooms!
thus chances of "meeting" her & her husband is high... hahahah :)

winter flowers around the area...

the road toward another villa where we had our dinner
the little villa is so beautiful, its white in color and
looks like a tiny little cottage for santa or some fairy tales...

art work from local talent, which is a feast to my eyes,
loving each and every piece but
cant afford to get any :(
lastly, how could we leaves without trying the most famous

wine tasting of europe.....
and the famous treatment of -110 degree which was told that it will
cured those who have had injuries..

waiting to get into the freezing room of -110 degree

the task was to stay inside the room in our bathing suit for at least 3 mins!
i managed to be in there for 1.5mins only..
its freezing cold but very very good experience.

sorry for the pictures overload.
will try to load picture of germany when i got the chance..

hope you would love porvoo just like i did...

luv, jenn


Stephanie M said...

Jenn, awesome shots!! love it.:)

ck said...

lovely shots! Beautiful scenary, villa & art works!